Hyde gets cabinet role

HYDE can claim to have a role in the way the country is governed following a key cabinet appointment by new Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Thomas Ashton – UK Parliament official portraits 2017

For he has picked Lord Ashton of Hyde for a senior role in the House of Lords.

The Chief Whip title, officially known as Lords Chief Whip and Captain of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms, gives him the same ranking as departmental ministers in the House of Commons.

The role is different from that of Whips in the Commons, which is predominantly party management.

A Lords’ Whip has an active role at the despatch box promoting and defending departmental policy, involving answering questions, responding to debates and taking through primary and secondary legislation.

If the department concerned does not have a departmental minister in the House of Lords, all of that department’s business will fall to a Whip.

The Hyde title comes after Thomas Gair Ashton was elected as MP for the town in 1885 adopted the area when he was raised to the peerage in 1911.

He was succeded by Thomas Henry Raymond Ashton in 1933 until his death 50 years later and then Thomas John Ashton until 2008.

The current Lord, christened Thomas Henry Ashton, has held the title for the past 11 years.

Lord Ashton, known more commonly as Henry, has previously been a whip and a parliamentary under-secretary of state for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

In March, he received international acclaim for giving a correct and clever definition to a question about the meaning of the term ‘algorithm.’

Lord Ashton gave the definition as: “an algorithm is a set of rules that precisely defines a sequence of operations.”

Now he has another reason to be as clear as he can after succeeding Lord Taylor of Holbeach in the position.

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  1. How is this a story with any relevance to Hyde. Heredity peer, who went to Eton, then Oxford, then joined the army, then got a job in the City, before inheriting a title given first to his great grandfather, who had been MP for Hyde for a year before losing the election and the next one and who then disappeared off to Luton gets a job in Boris Johnson’s Government having previously served in the May government. So what! Surely there is something more relevant happening in Hyde

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