Good news for Bradley Green

A HYDE primary school has been told it is officially ‘good’ and its headteacher has been singled out for praise by Ofsted inspectors.

Bradley Green Primary Academy received its first inspection in four years last month – but staff have been left encouraged ahead of the forthcoming academic year.And bullying is virtually wiped out because of the respect fellow pupils have for each other.

Bradley Green principal Vicky Cameron is described in the report by Ofsted inspector Andrew Morley as having, ‘worked to ensure that pupils at Bradley Green are well educated and develop as well-rounded individuals.’

He added: “You have established a culture of high expectations for staff and pupils. The school continues to improve and pupils benefit from effective teaching.”

Mrs Cameron’s impact on pupils’ achievements at lay stage one level was also recognised as the report stated: “It was very evident that this key stage has improved since you took charge of the school.

“You have established good links between early years and Key Stage 1. An increasing number of pupils are now working at the expected standard for their age. This is particularly the case in reading and mathematics.”

The way staff make pupils feel about being at Bradley Green, in Newton, also came in for praise, from the children themselves.

He also praised the way the school’s leaders are keen to maintain strong links with the local community, making sure parents are fully informed about the content of the curriculum and consulting with them regularly on key issues.

Mr Morley added: “As a result, the school is well regarded in the community.

In discussions held during the inspection, pupils made comments such as, ‘All the staff are really kind and look after us,’ and they appreciate the opportunities you provide, which they describe as ‘wonderful’.

“These comments reflect the breadth of the curriculum and the wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities the school offers.

“Pupils were eager to tell me that when someone new arrives at the school their teachers insist that they make them, ‘feel a part of the Bradley Green family’.

“The older children show great maturity in their roles. For example, in their roles on the school council and eco committee.

“Pupils are proud to be play leaders and house captains. Pupils reported that incidents of bullying are very rare because of the respect they have for each other.”

It is not just the pupils who convince Mr Morley during his inspection that Bradley Green is a school on the up. Parents also gave their backing as they were, ‘overwhelmingly positive’.

He said: “They appreciate the warm welcome you give them and know that staff are always there to talk to them if they need to do so.”

Mr Morley did pick out two areas where he felt Bradley Green could work on, including making sure pupils get out into the community to experience some of the other cultures in and around Hyde.

Mr Morley described the evidence of them learning about them as ‘limited’ and under the bracket, ‘Next steps for the school’ he told leaders and those responsible for governance to ensure, ‘pupils are provided with more first-hand opportunities to experience and learn about other cultures within their own area’.

He also called on them to make sure, ‘a small number of pupils at key stage 1 are challenged to improve their letter formation, spelling and sentence construction to ensure that they maximise their progress’.

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