Campaign continues for better road safety measures at accident blackspot

A HYDE landlady is continuing her campaign for road safety measures as her pub is situated at an accident blackspot.

Linda Axon, from The Clarkes Arms, is demanding the installation of speed humps on Lumn Road near to the junction of Stockport Road.It comes after pub cleaner Peter Haworth, 63, was badly injured after the latest incident when a car failed to negotiate the bend and ploughed into the pub.

Peter, taking evasive action to avoid being hit by the vehicle, tripped and fractured his hip. He was still in hospital one week after the incident at 8.45am on Sunday, September 29.

Ironically the latest crash happened the day before Tameside Council was scheduled to erect a safety barrier outside the pub, though it was not put in place until three days later.

Linda, who claims five vehicles have crashed into the pub in the last three years, said: “It could easily have been a fatality we are talking about.

“I have been begging for something for something to be done but told Tameside Council didn’t have the money.”

While the safety barrier will protect the pub, Linda, who has been landlady for 10 years, said it does not deal with the underlying cause.

She continued: “The issue of speeding cars needs to be addressed.

“Getting the barrier in front of the pub is a help but speed bumps is my next mission.

“The speed of cars approaching the bend near the pub need to be reduced. There is a nursery on the corner and it could easily have been a mum pushing a baby or with a toddler who could have been hit.”

Linda had enlisted the help of Councillor Joe Kitchen, who had long been campaigning for the erection of a safety barrier.

He said: “The problem was that once engineers from Tameside Council identified what was needed there was no money in their budget to provide a solution.

“I asked for it to be put on the programme and for funding to be provided on health and safety grounds also due to the close proximity of the children’s nursery.

“My view is that it was an accident waiting to happen and sadly that was the case. The cleaner at the pub could easily have been killed.

“Getting the barrier is a start but we also need traffic calming to slow the speed of cars approaching what is a bad bend.”

Natalie Shufflebotham, manager of Rainbow Corner playgroup and pre-school, also described the road outside the nursery as “an accident waiting to happen”.

She also pointed out there is an additional problem – drivers failing to realise it is a one-way system.

“We are always banging on the windows trying to warn drives they are going the wrong way,” she explained.Natalie continued: “The speed cars travel along Lumn Road is ridiculous and there is a need for speed humps or a speed camera.

“There is now a barrier outside the pub, but we have nothing to protect parents and carers bringing children to the nursery.

“If there were railings, it would at least protect them from the full impact of a crash.

“We have been here more than 30 years and something has to be done. If will be worse soon with wintery weather and black ice which will make the road even more horrendous.”

Linda criticised the four occupants of the car for fleeing the scene and leaving Peter on the floor badly injured.

She said: “The car didn’t touch him but it was still their fault as he was jumping out of the way to avoid it.

“To run off leaving him lying on the floor was disgusting.”

Linda, who has pub CCTV images of the crash, was also critical of the police.

“After the police came on the day, they have not been back in touch. They haven’t even given me a crime number,” she said.

Greater Manchester Police were asked for a comment but had not replied by the time the Correspondent went to print.

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