Impressive lights display illuminates Hyde

HYDE’S spectacular Christmas lights have become a tourist attraction.

They centre on Hyde Town Hall which has been illuminated by an impressive display.

Cllr Philip Fitzpatrick, who oversaw the Christmas lights working party, said: “We have received some really positive comments and I had 252 likes on Facebook.

“They have been a boost for local business and people have been coming into town specially to see the town hall lit up. They have pleased a lot of people.”

Cllr Fitzpatrick also replied to cynics who have claimed the special display has only been created because of the election.

“We have had planning meetings since May and a lot of hard work has gone into it,” explained Cllr Fitzpatrick.

He added people had not been happy about the lights in recent years but a big effort had been made to improve them.

“We have had some extra money allocated and the lights are magnificent. Hopefully we can build on this and in will be onwards and upwards in future years,” added Cllr Fitzpatrick.

Cllr Fitzpatrick also praised Cllr Jacqueline Owen for her hard work in helping organise the lights switch on.

There was a day of activities on Saturday, November 30 in the market square with children from Hyde Community College and other artists performing live on stage.

There was also an impromptu slot on stage from Civic Mayor Cllr Leigh Drennan and Cllr Fitzpatrick who formed an unlikely double act.

“We had mis-timings and had 15 minutes to kill shortly before the switch on. The mayor did a great job getting the children to sing,” said Cllr Fitzpatrick.

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