Appeals for action at Hyde accident blackspot

A FATHER has called for traffic calming measures at an accident blackspot in Hyde before somebody is killed.

Two cars parked at the lay-by near the James North Clock at the junction of Market Street and Stockport Road were written off in the space of 11 days over the festive period.

“Unless something is done, it is only a matter of time before there is a fatality,” explained Mo Hussain, whose red Audi was one of the wrecked vehicles.

Mo Hussain and his wife Taslima with their petition

Financial advisor Mo, 31, had his car written off on December 20. And the car belonging to the daughter of a neighbour suffered the same fate on New Year’s Eve while she was visiting from Nuneaton.

Mo and his family moved to his home yards from the James North Clock in October 2018 unaware of how dangerous the road was.

“I have since learned of three other vehicles being written off at the roundabout before we moved here.

“And I heard there was another crash just up the road by the church (Zion Congregational).”

Mo, who has collected 50 names for a petition to demand action, blamed speeding motorists for the spate of crashes.

“They are over ambitious and lose control at the roundabout and hit the lay-by which is only yards away,” he continued.

Mo, who is also seeking a meeting with local MP Jonathan Reynolds, added he is “astounded” that nobody from Tameside Council has already acted.

He continued: “I am hoping by going public it will provoke a discussion and for the authorities to assess Market Street and Stockport Road when they will find the current measures are inadequate to deal with the traffic.

“I shocked and astounded nobody from the authority has picked up in it.

“We need preventative measures, something like speed humps put in place, before there is a fatality.”

Mo is mindful Greenfield Primary, which his daughter attends, and Rainbow Corner playgroup are close to the James North Clock roundabout and footpaths frequently used by children along with parents and carers.

He added there is also plenty of foot traffic with joggers using the pavements during the evening.

Pastor David Hardman, from Zion Congregational Church, agreed there is a problem with speeding vehicles on Stockport Road.

He said: “You have youngsters in high powered cars.

“Something needs to be done whether it is a reduction to 20 miles an hour or something physical like speed humps.

“There is a problem from the cemetery down to Greenfield Primary and something is definitely needed to warn motorists.”

David added the crash at the church in 2016 was caused by a speeding Audi A3 which failed to negotiate the Stockport Road/Peel Street junction and ended up wedged on a huge foundation stone from the old church.

The accident blackspot is less than 100 yards from another one featured in the October edition of the Correspondent.

Linda Axon, landlady at The Clarks Arms, demanded the installation of speed humps on Lumn Road after five vehicles crashed into the pub in a three-year period after failing to take the sharp bend at the junction with Stockport Road.

A Tameside Council spokesman said: “While we are concerned to hear these comments we have nothing to show the roundabout is a high-risk area for collisions.

“According to the Stats 19 system, which is operated by the police, there were only three incidents in the three years to August 31, 2019, and the last of those was in May, 2018. All took place on the approaches rather than the roundabout itself.”

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  1. I live on the clock tower estate and I have issues pulling out onto the roundabout as the speed of those coming from hyde is excessive also if i come from stockport road to go straight across the roundabout to go home. They also pull out on me assuming im going to turn left down market street.
    Replace the roundabout with traffic lights.

  2. Safety is and always should be top priority both for pedestrians and all road users some action should be taken asap. Dont wait until theres a fatality….

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