Bus company warns: Abuse the 201 service and you could lose it

A BUS company has warned it will pull more services from an area of Hyde after anti-social behaviour forced its hand.

The 201 bus route has been plagued by anti-social behaviour

Stagecoach Manchester ordered the 201 to not serve Hattersley Road West, Hattersley Road East, Underwood Road, Ashworth Lane or John Kennedy Gardens in Hattersley because of poor behaviour.

That problem was solved in just 90 minutes but it was forced to take the action again. Now the company has said it would make sure the bus does not stop in those areas if the problem persists.

People in the area claim they spotted youths jumping off and on 201 services via the emergency doors at the back of the vehicles.

There were also reports of two youths rocking a bus, opening the doors, banging on the windows and jumping on and off – a bus window has also been smashed because rocks were thrown at it.

There was also a reported incident of people getting on a bus and refusing to pay while one man claiming to be a driver of another service said he had issues with a large group of youths congregated close to the Ken Ward Sports Centre.

The latest incident saw kids on bikes thinking it would be funny to try and hold on to the back of them while they were moving.

A dispersal notice under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2014 was granted for 48 hours on Friday, March 22.

During the time which this was in effect there were 12 notices given to people found acting in an anti-social manner banning them from returning within a 48-hour period. One person was later found in the area excluded by their notice and subsequently arrested by officers.

It was repeated on Wednesday, April 3, when buses were stopped from going on to the estate between 5pm and 6pm because of the actions of a group of about 10 teenagers.

The group responsible – said to be about 20 youths aged 15 and 16 – has been causing misery for several months.

Despite that action, Stagecoach told the Correspondent they have contacted police and local councillors in a bid to stamp out the problem, which they describe as an ‘ongoing issue.’

But the threat was made clear – keep on causing problems and the 201 will not stop in that area.

A spokesman for Stagecoach Manchester said: “We can confirm service 201 was removed from a local estate due to anti-social behaviour, as Greater Manchester Police could not attend the incident to assist.

“As a result, Hattersley Rd West, Hattersley Rd East, Underwood Rd, Ashworth Lane and John Kennedy Gardens stops were not served from 7.30pm on the evening of March 19.

The service resumed at around 9pm after the gang left the scene.

“We have made Travelsafe, PCSOs, PCs and GMP aware of the incident.

“This is an ongoing issue and we have written to local councillors to inform them and will continue to temporarily withdraw the service, if necessary, to ensure the safety of our customers and drivers.”

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