Successful night at the polls for Labour in Hyde and Denton

LABOUR caused a major upset by capturing the Conservative stronghold of Hyde Werneth where the retiring John Bell had served the ward for more than 40 years.

Shibley Alam

In a night of high drama, Labour’s Shibley Alam won by five votes after a recount was needed and Hyde Werneth was the last of the 19 wards to be declared shortly before 2am on Friday.

“I am overwhelmed by the result, it is awesome,” explained newly-elected Cllr Alam.

Cllr Bell, the Conservative leader on Tameside Council, was elected in 1975 and, apart from a two-year spell between 1995-97 when he lost his seat, he had served Hyde Werneth since then.

Shibley polled 1,473 votes to 1,468 from Paul Molloy who had been seeking to succeed Cllr Bell.

Hyde Werneth was one of two shock results as polling day saw the remaining 17 seats remain unchanged.

The other was in Ashton Waterloo, a Labour stronghold, which was captured by the Green Party’s Lee Huntbach who polled 1,073 votes to 935 from Labour’s Jean Drennan.

Tameside Council leader Brenda Warrington had a runaway victory to retain Denton West while Allison Gwynne, wife of the town’s MP Andrew, was re-elected in Denton North East.

Betty Affleck

There is a new Labour councillor in Denton South where Jack Naylor won the seat having succeeded the retiring Mike Fowler.

In Hyde’s two other wards, Labour’s Betty Affleck held off a strong challenge from Conservative Andrea Colbourne in Godley and Helen Bowden comfortably held on to Newton for Labour and Co-operative.

In Longdendale, there is a new Labour councillor as Jacqueline Owen won the seat having only been selected to contest the seat in February that was vacated by the retiring Gillian Peet.

5 Replies to “Successful night at the polls for Labour in Hyde and Denton”

  1. Smug looking lot Just answer me this? Will anything change for the good of Hyde? Or will we get the same old bulls—t that we have had for god knows how long? Plus I asked Jonathon Reynolds at least 6 times “ why does the the majority of money issued to the TMBC goes to Ashton” ? A simple question but nobody seems to answer!!!??

  2. I demand people have the chance to vote again as Shibley Alan only won by 5 votes and it is obvious that voters did not know what they were voting for.

    1. The Asian Voters knew who they had to vote for. They where strongly urged to vote for their Brothers and Sisters.

    2. How do you know what people were voting for? Perhaps they were voting for Labour because they’re tired of Tory councillors complaining about issues that are the consequence of Tory austerity?

  3. I would very much like to know, how the Green Candidate could be left off the ballot paper.
    Albeit a second lot of ballot papers were issued, most only received late & some never received their postal votes at all.
    I would also like to know how an error like that could be made?

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