Music helps Meg to channel her creativity after autism diagnosis

A TAMESIDE music student who has autism has been excelling as a drummer by using the instrument to channel her creative side.

Meg Balcomb, 15, and a pupil at Tameside Music Service, was diagnosed with the condition last year.

Since finding out she has autism, her dad Andy, 61, is now being tested to discover if he has the condition as well.

At college, she is taught by teacher Matt Blackwell who has supported the musical progression of many pupils with complex needs.

Meg, a student at Hyde Community College, has difficulties hearing certain frequencies but the vibrations from the drums are what sparked her love for percussion.

Her band, MU23, also won the prestigious best band award at the GM Hub Rock and Pop Showcase 2019 in February.

Meg, who lives in Hyde, said: “It was quite a shock when we won best band award from across Greater Manchester at Band on the Wall. We had such a good day and weren’t expecting to win”.

Tameside Music Service works with around 6,000 young people and adults from across the borough. Its staff are professional music teachers and musicians who believe everyone should have the opportunity to hear, learn about and make music.

Kate Campbell-Green, head of Tameside Music Service, said: “Meg is a prime example of why it is so very important we ensure all students in Tameside have access to a rich and diverse offering of musical experiences. We’re proud of the support we offer to all our students and Meg’s success is testament to that”.

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