Bradley Green pupils add up to maths competition success

A HYDE primary school pupil certainly gets sum-thing right by finishing 25th in a national maths competition.

Bradley Green student Ebrahim got an astonishing 977 questions out of 1,000 correct.

That meant the seven-year-old ended 25th out of a total of 19,694 in the Sumdog competition.

Pupils had to answer 1,000 mental arithmetic questions and submit their answers over the course of a week.

In total, 3,288,439 questions were answered, 842 classes and 19,694 pupils around the country took part and 2,758,782 correct answers were submitted.

Ebrahim, who only started at Bradley Green in September, said: “Sumdog helps us with our reading, writing and maths.”

Others also hailed the program, with Faith saying: “Sumdog is lots of fun and educational.”

Aleena said: “Sumdog is fun and helps us learn,” and Max W described it as ‘fun and entertaining’
In the competition, Ebrahim’s Year 3 ended in 97th place and teacher Jennifer Clayton hailed the children’s achievement.

She said: “The children love using Sumdog as a learning tool.

“We mostly use it for maths, but it also offers challenges for reading and spelling.

“They are all really motivated to complete tasks, and they love the element of competition!

Headteacher at the school on Bradley Green Road in Newton, Vicky Cameron, added: “We are very proud of the children as they have worked hard, especially those who have answered 1,000 questions!

“It really helps their mental calculation and speed.”

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